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America’s clean energy secret  – Austin, Texas engineer wants to shout it from the rooftops: it’s easier to construct clean energy homes at scale than you think.

Engineer version:

Existing building energy retrofits New York Architect Chris Benedict is finally being heard.

Discover how her model for decarbonizing millions of existing occupied buildings works, and why New York is investing heavily in RETROFITS.

Peak shaving in California and all around North America – Corporations are saving big dollars with zero upfront investment – This team will help your company do it too, if you can get them on the phone – It’s very popular.

Open Access Government, Liverpool, UK,, February 18, 2019

Elon Musk: The great disruptor – Video is newer than the articles

Long read for engineers:

Older, shorter read for others:

Clean energy is not only for the rich. Passive House affordable housing is being built in Portland Maine, Portland Oregon and across the continent.

Portland, Oregon is in this story along with other projects:

How John’s team worked to save lives during California wildfires, and how renewables, grid infrastructure, and micro-grids may help prevent them.

New York takes action to fight climate change  July, 2019

Can we really electrify America?

America’s Clean Energy Secret – Austin, Texas developer says home buyers and large builders love clean energy.


100% Clean, renewable energy and storage for everything – Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson

Cameron Freburg’s efforts are no longer an untold story Texas ramps up as a renewables and smart grid leader

Five years of NY City electric fleet vehicles verify massive cost savings

Zero Energy: Affordable living with Passive House and solar in Philadelphia – Government program rules increase uptake of clean energy buildings.

A new climate war story that Michael Mann’s book didn’t tell

Heat pumps in frosty Toronto work well in award-winning new architecture

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Toronto condo buildings are popping up all over the place with clean running geothermal underneath them – The info in the video is a little bit newer and a bit different than the magazine article. page 14.