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The Clean Energy Age, a new book from BF Nagy, provides a starting place for your plan to make a real difference with climate change and save money at the same time. It brings together practical tips from more than 800 experts on clean energy solutions, priorities, and success stories. And it provides a top 10 list for you or for someone you know, who cares about the planet as much as you do.




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The Clean Energy Age has been endorsed by Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change, and many others. Please see below.

“This book has top 10 lists for individuals, for organizations, for cities, for businesses…how to save money…we’re all in this together.”

– The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change

“A sweeping and empowering look at a new era of energy production…It’s a thorough and wide-ranging approach that aligns neatly with the book’s broader message, which offers unexpected hope in the face of a drastic problem—one that’s coming whether we prepare for it or not. Nagy effectively counters doomsayers by constantly pointing out real-world measures that can be taken today to lessen the impact of change down the line—and maybe improve things in the short run, as well: “Your choices today will make you important beyond your time and beyond your circle of family and friends,” he writes. “You can achieve something.” -Kirkus Reviews

“What makes The Clean Energy Age really unique is its readable focus on how a range of decision-makers, from individuals to business managers and government officials, can take practical steps to move smoothly toward a safer, green energy future. Highly Recommended.” Steven A. Leibo Ph.D., Harvard University and the Sage Colleges.

“A good motivator and guide for the person interested in climate change initiatives who doesn’t know where to begin!” Joanne Kravetz, Architecture Professor UCLA, Masters, Urban Sustainability, Leadership Corps, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, LEED Architect.

“Climate change is one problem with many causes and numerous solutions. BF Nagy has written the book I’ve wanted to write for 20 years. It will fill you with confidence that climate change can be overcome.” John Bennett, Friends of the Earth Canada, Sierra Club, GreenPeace.

“BF Nagy’s practical guide to averting the worst of the climate crisis is a must read. His how-to list of solutions that benefit our economy and environment will inspire the change we desperately want and need.” Michael Schreiner, Leader, Green Party of Ontario

“A clear-eyed view of the stuff that really needs to happen, with lots of ideas of just what might be possible to do. I don’t think there was really anything I didn’t agree with. The writing is also good…very comprehensive, and the commentaries and summaries are done well…helpful and valuable.” Michael Berrill, Author & Professor Emeritus of Biology at Trent University.

“A practical guide to tackle climate change, The Clean Energy Age is timely, comprehensive, and should be read by anyone who cares about saving our planet for future generations.” Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Member of Parliament & Canada’s Representative at the UN for sustainable development goal 14.

“After more than 20 years in the environment and energy management field, I have come across a number of good books written by experts for experts. The Clean Energy Age is a practical, how-to guide for the average person who understands we have a problem and wants to do their part to mitigate climate change. The Top 10 Lists are great!”   Scott McKenzie, Project Manager, Environment & Energy Division, City of Toronto

“I was really impressed…Incredible book, wonderful information, important information that we all need to know…sounded the alarm for me and I hope to enact a good portion of one of the top 10 lists in my own home.”  Larry Rifkin, America Trends

“There are a series of top 10 lists in the book. There’s one for homeowners and one for business people. This not about shaming or scolding people.” – Geoffrey Riley, The Jefferson Exchange KSOR Radio California & Oregon

“This is a fabulous book with all kinds of useful information.” -Mary Jane Popp, The Poppoff Show, KAHI-AM Sacramento, California

“Everybody wants to save money and this book is moving the needle in the right direction…it talks about a cleaner environment and everybody wants a cleaner environment.” -Edward Ferenc America’s Workforce, Cleveland, Ohio

“It’s fascinating. It’s comprehensive. There’s an awful lot here… there’s a lot of different approaches…It’s broken down for homeowners, business owners, government policymakers, teachers and media and so forth with top 10 action lists for all of them. Nagy offers his advice for homeowners who want to clean up their carbon footprint. He also shares his observations on the environmental progress being made…across many sectors of the economy. You’ll come away…with many actions to take.” – Mitch Ratcliffe, Earth 911, Seattle

“How wonderful, what you’ve done. Thanks so much for the book.” -Frankie Boyer, The Frankie Boyer Show,, Arkansas/Massachusetts

“A fantastic, fantastic book, incredibly well written. He has put a lot of time and effort into this.” -James Lowe, The Jiggy Jaguar Show, Kansas

“I love the way it’s broken into little action plans –Top 10 Lists – that’s a cool way to do it.” -John Small, John & Heidi show, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Nationally syndicated


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Christmas TOP 10s

This book is for you if you want a simple answer to this question:

What do the experts say are the most important actions I can take to make the most impact in the shortest period of time?




In the past 16 years BF Nagy has published more than 150 feature articles based on 700+ interviews with clean energy technical & program experts, about what solutions are proven to work, are economically and politically viable, and will have the most impact in the shortest period of time. In addition to international pieces, he is a monthly contributor to well-respected North American engineering, architecture and government journals, writing on zero energy buildings, electric vehicles, clean power, storage & smart grid, funding, financing, green investment and government program trends.

What are the priorities? What are the most entertaining, high profile and instructive success stories? THE CLEAN ENERGY AGE brings this all together in a practical and comprehensive review of proven (and unproven) technologies, government programs, business realities, and insights into what we can expect in the future. It seeks to reduce complexity and focus our efforts on the highest priorities that will make the most impact against C02 while setting highly visible, momentum-building examples.

It explores electric vehicles, net-zero smart homes, the Internet of things, smart grids, storage, solar, wind, and geothermal. It’s a contemporary guide on the fastest ways to save money on energy, best practices for governments, rewarding funding structures for organizations, and promising business and investment opportunities.




It might be time for a new approach to environmentalism that focusses on practical solutions rather than problems, and speaks to ordinary citizens in simple terms. This clear, positive and non-partisan guidebook helps individuals and organizations save money while taking aim at the source of most of our carbon emissions. It’s a climate change conversation that is not afraid to mention self-interest and fully review proven and unproven technologies and government programs.

It evaluates clean technology progress to date, and does not dwell on doom and gloom, seek to shame or scold, or propose unlikely overnight lifestyle upheaval. Instead it provides Top 10 Lists for those who want them, prioritizes everyday actions, and reviews the paybacks and effectiveness of clean building technologies, vehicles, government/utility incentives and finance structures. It contains specific sections for individuals and organizations using appropriate language and exploring current trends and issues for homeowners, regional and local governments, small businesses, large corporations, investors, politicians, civil servants, urban planners, media people, entertainers, teachers, transportation people, medical professionals, manufacturers, farmers, and others.

Each Top 10 List is provided with detailed explanations, and also provided in a simple, summary format. In addition to technology and government programs, it reviews current clean energy business and economic realities and insights into what we can expect in the future with chapters on buildings, electricity, transportation, investment, business, politics & economics, government, and unproven technologies. These include numerous success stories and provide support for the assertions in the Top 10 Lists.