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This site is about me, but the interesting reading here is about the experts I have been fortunate to interview and their climate change solutions. They are courageous early adopters, innovators; the heroes of our clean tech adventure. They can be found by clicking on Blog.

I create stories designed to illuminate their achievements and explore proven solutions and key priorities for clean energy and policy, and also to keep you updated on North American and global energy economics. You might call me a little obsessive, having dug into well over 100 features and columns on these topics. Please click on Journalism for more information.

Articles, photos, info-graphics and video

home 2018 storiesiconsetcPlease get in touch if you are interested in material on clean tech solutions, in the form of articles, photos, info-graphics and video. I’m committed to being accurate, visual, slightly rational, entertaining and professional. I contribute to magazines, media companies, newspapers, research companies, green trade organizations, NGOs, green brands, policymakers, and a TV network or two.

New Book in 2018

main top 10 deskpicMy new book The Clean Energy Age – A guide to beating climate change will be published during 2018 by Rowman & Littlefield in Washington, DC. It is practical, containing Top 10 Lists of priority actions and clean energy solutions for homeowners, business people, investors, government people and others. Would you like to review your Top 10 priorities? As they say: coming soon to a bookseller near you. For more information click on Book.



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