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The Top 5 Energy Technologies For The 2020s              

New York Times – International Business Times, New York,, 05/08/19

Open Access

The reinvention of North American energy systems 

Open Access Government, Liverpool, UK,, February 18, 2019


Can we Truly Electrify America? 

What widespread adoption of electric buildings and vehicles will do to our power grid — and budgets.

healthy indoor air

Healthy Indoor Air  

Ventilation professionals review indoor air quality as we spend more time at home.

New York takes action to fight climate change  July, 2019

Is America’s Drinking Water Safe?                       

American Society of Plumbing Engineers June, 2019

Austin, Texas: America’s Clean Energy Secret

Austin: America’s Clean Energy Secret: Watch the video and/or read the story (below).

America’s Clean Energy Secret Austin, Texas developer says it’s easier to construct clean energy homes at scale than you think.

The Geothermal Roller Coaster Continues     

American Society of Plumbing Engineers – The Future is Now July, 2019.

Sidewalk Toronto

Future city project: Toronto’s Tomorrowland

The Ontario Technologist Magazine,  Page 22, Sept 2018


How Will Electrification Affect Mechanical Professionals? 

Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis and 127 other U.S. cities and 11 U.S. counties are committed to 100-percent renewable energy. In Canada, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and a handful of other Canadian cities have set goals.

Smart grid: The reinvention of electricity  

The Ontario Technologist Magazine,{%22issue_id%22:546890,%22page%22:26}, November 2018

Water-Positive Buildings Are Bubbling Up  NEWS Sept, 2018

Energy Positive Buildings, pg 14, July 2018.



Net-zero, energy positive and passive houses in Massachusetts, Virginia, New York State and Oregon, Plumbing Engineer magazine, October 2017, print p32, web.

Are you ready for NET-ZERO HOMES? 

NRCan program with top homebuilders spread across Canada, building five net-zero home each. Differences between 2016 and similar initiative 10 years ago -efficiencies, costs, sales results, technology review in Ottawa and Guelph, Plumbing & HVAC Magazine Oct 2016.

Ultra Low Energy Buildings Pre-fab passive house in Ontario, net-zero-ready in Quebec, passive house with heat pumps in British Columbia, Sept 2017, p12.


Olympic flame burns green

Vancouver olympics sewage heat recovery with plate-frame heat exchangers, distict heating, smart controls, VRF heat pumps, geothermal effect, ice-making waste heat recapture, earth tunnel, beetle-kill lumber, variable speed drives, low flow plumbing, rainwater capture, LEED Gold and silver, PHVAC Jan 2010.

Anyone for FREE solar panels? 

Rooftop and small solar growth, outlook, financing, CCBDA Magazine June 2015.

Let mother nature in

Let Mother Nature In

Geothermal, PV solar, envelope, rainwater, car charger, re-purpose wood, Dewson house Toronto, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Spring 2012, p8-10.

Sustainability in the Back Lane – Laneway housing

Urban laneway housing, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Energuide 88, air source VRF mini-splits, hybrid heat pumps, HRVs, low flow plumbing, unique envelope R40 and R48, rainwater, PHVAC July 2013,

Sustainable Architecture: Distinctive & Energy Friendly 

District energy, solar gain management, envelope, HRV, light sensors, green roof, Mississauga U of T Kongats, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Summer 2012,

Condo Living a la Montréal

Geothermal, solar PV, urban agriculture rooftop greenhouse, unique heat recapture from bread oven, envelope, smart controls, rainwater, Rune Kongshaug, Lobby Magazine Jan 2012.

BRAD PITT Rebuilding New Orleans 

Post-Katrina Brad Pitt houses, LEED Platinum, HERS scale 13, green building economics, Unico VRF high velocity small duct systems, solar PV, envelope, green roof, low flow plumbing, PHVAC April 2013, p12.

Energy retrofit in Quebec schools 

Oil and gas replaced by geothermal, solar and unique new ceramic energy storage solution in 80 schools, saving millions, PHVAC Sept 2016,

Working with Walmart – Retail giant serious about energy savings 

Geothermal and much more in Burlington, state-of-the-art refrigeration and much more in Calgary


Mechanical Excellence at the Pan Am Games 

District energy for swimming centre in Markham, energy recovery, heat exchangers, smart controls, PHVAC May 2015.

“Quebec grocer adopts C02” Global warming friendly refrigerant systems at Sobeys, Mirabel Quebec and 5 others, targetting 1300 stores total, PHVAC Oct 2012.

“The Future is Now” Future building technology at DOE, University of Maryland, next gen heat pump, thermoelastic cooling, magnetic refrigeration at UL, Grocery C02 transcritical subcooling in Vermont, pre-fab building systems, Emerson simulation lab in Ohio, BC SunPumps in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, BIM in Australia. Print:  Page 60, Web.

DC liquid cooling


Print engineers, Print installersWeb, Jan 2018.

“Data Centre Heat Recovery,” Intel California heat recovery chillers, Google, Facebook freecooling, PHVAC Sept 2011.

“Solar AC for seniors home,” Huge solar thermal system with absorption chillers for cooling, heating & dhw at seniors home in Woodstock, Plumbing & HVAC Magazine July 2012.

“Stretching the Limits -Commercial, residential projects adopt VRF technology,” Ductless variable refrigerant flow heating and cooling in snowy New Brunswick and in an award wining residential building in Seattle, PHVAC, March 2016.

off grid sea containers


“Back to Nature,” Living Walls North America, energy savings, air quality, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Guelph University, PHVAC July 2009.


RAINWATER INNOVATIONS: “Business pours in for the rainwater industry,” Rainwater collection technology all around North America, September 2017, print p26, web.

“Sustainability Charrette for 915 Unit Development in Kitchener,” Geothermal, PV solar, envelope, white roof, Victoria Commons Kitchener, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Summer 2012.

“The 21st Century Workplace,” Corus building Toronto, living wall, massive ERV, green roofs, envelope, rainwater, passive solar radiance glazing, Leed Gold, other BOMA cases, city smart grid, PHVAC March 2011.

“Retrofit boosts apartment owner’s bottom line,” Unique solar thermal retrofit on residential highrise, old incinerator shaft used for piping, retrofit business outlook, PHVAC Oct 2011.

man against nature

“Say ‘No’ to Man Against Nature,” Termobuild radiant/forced air hybrid, universities, institutional buildings, Midland, California, Latin America, GBSS Summer 2012.

“Cooling with Heat,” Solar cooling, solar thermal, CSP, absorption chillers, Crow Canyon Danville, Ca., Shouldice North York, PHVAC, April 2014.

energy recovery (telus vanc)

“Energy Recovery – New Vancouver Telus building reduces HVAC load with waste heat,” High-rise DX geothermal with VRF tech, data centre heat energy recapture, PHVAC May 2013.

“Installing a House,” Modular house, LEED Gold, Geothermal, PV solar, envelope, white roof, Dewson house North York, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Spring 2012.

“Recapturing heat from refrigeration,” Sobeys St. Pascale Quebec, Loblaw Scarborough, PHVAC Sept 2008.

“HVAC Insulation,” Pipe and duct insulation for energy savings and safety, Sunnybrook Hospital and Union Station in Toronto, PHVAC Sept 2015.

“Rural cheese plant built to Platinum LEED standard,” Prince Edward County, geothermal, solar thermal, HRVs, wind turbine, rainwater flush, constructed wetland, PHVAC March 2009.

“Drain water heat recovery,” Laundry in New Hampshire, process application in Peterborough, Hotel-Hostel in Toronto, PHVAC Nov 2011.

“Still Green, But No Longer Young,” Cabinet Minister Smitherman and homebuilders Newmarket, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, LEED Gold & Platinum, HRVs, ECM motors, low-flow plumbing, rainwater, envelope, drain heat recovery, smart thermostats, EnergyStar appliances, PHVAC Nov 2009.

“The Explosion in electronic plumbing fixtures,” Montreal, North York, Mississauga, PHVAC April 2009.

Reve ecosuite

“Rêve Ecosuite: Living the Dream,” Green condo, smart controls, smart home, solar PV, solar thermal, LED & light sensors, VOC-free finishes, bioethanol fireplace, Suite Magazine, Autumn 2012.

“Architectural wonder – Mechanical nightmare?” Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Architect Will Alsop, smart controls, C02 sensors linked to ventilation, PHVAC March 2008.

“Managing energy use,” Upper Canada College Toronto, Arena ice-making waste heat recapture, geothermal, Plumbing & HVAC March 2013.

“Bathroom Fixtures of the Future,” Conservation and grey water re-use, Roca, Caroma, Watermark LSS, Brisbane, Murfreesboro Tennessee, Mississauga, PHVAC May 2011.

“Environmental nightmare provides HVAC Solution,” Quebec cheese plant self-generated biogas, bio-digestor from Toulouse, refrigeration waste heat recapture, sophisticated monitoring and control, modern effluent treatment, insulated pipe, HEPA filters for IAQ, government grants for manufacturers, PHVAC March 2014.

“In From the Cold – non-chemical approaches to chiller & hydronic water treatment,” Non-chemical ways to control scale, corrosionand biological activity in cooling towers, boilers and other HVAC equipment to mitigate soaring wastewater discharge costs, , John Dresty, Legionella in New York, Dolphin in Middletown Connecticut, Griswold in Irvine California, Elysator from Europe, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Intercontinental Hotel in San Franciso, AT&T in Detroit, PHVAC Oct 2015.

“Heating with biomass,” Municipal buildings in Unity New Hampshire and Herman, New York, biomass district heating in Telkwa BC, PHVAC Nov 2016.

air curtains

“Favourable winds for air curtains,” New Castle Pennsylvania, Oregon, Pittsburg, Edmonton, Toronto, Belleville, PHVAC April 2015.

“The somewhat integrated world of building controls,” School board in Ontario with all equipment in 83 schools fully connected to Building Management System, PHVAC July 2016.

“Montreal Projects Leading the Green Revolution,” Productive House Montreal, Ground source/radiant, solar thermal, smart controls, sauna heat recapture, Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), rainwater. Also Le Soleil and La Terre by Ecocité, geo, solar thermal, solar PV; TOHU ice bunker, biogas district heat. PHVAC April 2011.

“High volume kitchens,” Trash treatment at Trump Tower Toronto, smart ventilation hoods in Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver, steam cookers in Baltimore, heat energy recapture for high volume dishwashing at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, better pre-made meal refrigeration in Burkville Virginia, PHVAC May 2014.

“The strange world of temporary HVAC,” LEED construction flushing, World Trade Centre emergency 1993, saving Manatees in Florida, “The Thing” movie ice block, extreme sports in St. Paul, Helsinki, Moscow, and Quebec, PHVAC January 2014.

“Sea-water heating & cooling,” St. John’s, LEED Gold, heat recovery, variable air volume (VAV), commissioning, PHVAC Sept 2013.

“UBC Teaches Energy Management by Example,” University of British Columbia steam technology, bioenergy CHP, condensing stack economizer, PHVAC Aug 2010.

“Visitor Centre Water Source System,” Water source, heat pumps, ERV, C02 sensors, PHVAC Nov 2007.

“Hybrid gas-electric HVAC system saves energy at Winnipeg complex,” MTS Centre, Winnipeg, hotels, California, Quebec, Smart controls, electric/natural gas hybrid redundancy, peak energy work-around, PHVAC Nov 2008.

“High Performance Retail Building,” LEED Gold Mountain Equipment Co-op, Burlington, Ice-Bear cooling, radiant hydronic heating, big Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), C02 sensors, smart controls, rainwater, commissioning, PHVAC Jan 2013.

“Large Pizza, Loaded,” New engineering centre at U of Windsor loaded with clean tech, LEED Gold, district heat, CHP, centrifugal chillers, co-gen waste heat recapture, Termobuild hollow core system, displacement ventilation, smart controls, living wall, passive solar design, green roof, grey water, monitoring sensors, permeable surfaces, PHVAC Oct 2013.

“The LEED Revolution,” economics, certification growth etc, PHVAC July 2008.

Government programs & power plants

Municipal solar.png

“Municipalities Adopt Solar (Thermal),” Government solar thermal programs, Halifax, Canmore, PHVAC, July 2014.

wind power economics

“What is the world’s most economical and fastest way to develop new electricity?” Wind power, skyrocketing investment levels, dropping costs, global econmic parity, rapid development, CCBDA Magazine Feb 2015.


DISTRICT ENERGY “Managing volatile fuel costs -Municipalities and district heating,’ geothermal district heating for homes and retail, solar thermal, refrigeration heat rcovery, heat pumps, innovative dewatering avoidance, Richmond BC, North Vancouver, Halifax, PHVAC Sept 2014.

Wells fargo energy trends

GREEN FINANCING & ECONOMICS: “Energy Trends in 2018, Decipher the clues and follow the money,”, Jan 2018, print p44, web.

SMART GRID: “How will a smart grid and better electricity storage affect us in the future?” Smart grid explained, electricity storage, outlook, CCBDA Magazine April 2015.

“Taming the cooling load,” Ice-based thermal energy storage, Ice Bear in Boothbay Maine to avoid upgrading infrastructure, Calmac at University of waterloo to avoid peak time of use charges, PHVAC April 2016.

SOLAR “Why are solar parks surging?” Utility scale solar power, dramatically dropping costs, global econmic parity, rapid development, IEA projections, CCBDA Magazine March 2015.

“Wastewater Heat Recovery,” Medium size Sharc systems and large municipal systems by Trane, North America, especially BC, UK, Australia, PHVAC March 2014.


“Green Buildings in the New Energy Age,” Energy economics and climate change priorities, municipal government policy, buildings, solar technologies, envelope, geothermal, clean tech business opportunities, edited and repackaged without consultation after original publication, Envirocities Magazine, Dubai, January 2012.

“The value of communication,” Arena ammonia system re-commissioed in Berwick Nova Scotia finally achieves energy efficiency potential, PHVAC March 2017.


INCENTIVES “It Will Cost Nobody $8 Million,” Government program Dartmouth, solar thermal, Energy Alliance Group, Michigan, Dec 2014.

“Energy and payback guaranteed,” Montreal Biodome energy savings contract guarantee, undergroud aquifer for deep water cooling, smart controls and energy shifting, electric heat pumps, envelope retrofit, variable speed pumps and fans, hydronic coils and heat recovery ventilators, PHVAC Nov 2015.

“Refrigeration Management Canada marks 10 years,” Canadian and global progress with ozone depletion per Montrel Protocol, Hazel MCCallion, PHVAC March 2011.

“Feed-In Tariff Review a Welcome Relief,” Government incentive program, publisher’s comment, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Spring 2012.

“Public aquarium systems -The ultimate mechanical challenge,” Heat exchangers for energy recovery, heat pumps, C02 sensors, rainwater, recycled seawater, saltwater management, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, PHVAC March 2015.

“International Green Construction Code,” Green building code, Washington DC, IgCC, publisher’s comment, Green Building & Sustainable Strategies (GBSS), Summer 2012.
“Energy Economics Overview,” Energy outlook, electricity, gas, nuclear, biomass, renewables wind, solar and hydro, PHVAC, Sept 2012

“Refrigerant changes coming – Governments targeting HFCs in next phase,” PHVAC Sept 2014.

Cooltown deep water

“Cool Town” Toronto deep water district cooling, PHVAC, Sept 2009.

“Federal Solar Incentives,” PHVAC Jan 2008.

“Jellyfish in Power,” Provincial government energy policy, wind vs. nuclear, IT system madness, column Bobcaygeon Promoter, Sept 2004.

“Geothermal industry feels impact of new rules,” PHVAC Nov 2013.

“Landfill Party Gets Trashed,” Municipal government folly, water pollution, column Bobcaygeon Promoter, Sept 2004.

“Intelligent Pumps in Masdar City,” UAE, Pumps & Systems Magazine, Nov 2013.

“Legislative Update” Government regulation update, sustainable technology, PHVAC Nov 2009.

“Alternative Energy Communities,” Drake Landing, Calgary, Ecocité Ottawa, Regent Park Toronto, District energy, biomass, geothermal, Bobcaygeon Promoter, March 2010.

It's the smart thing to do - low res thumbnail

“Clean energy: Forget climate change, it saves cost too” Four business benefits of clean energy, International Business Times.

“Fast growth for geothermal heating,” Growth in North America, cost comparison, heat pump innovation, CCBDA Magazine May 2015.

Energy economics

“Energy Economics Changing,” Energy future outlook, electricity, gas, shale gas, nuclear, thorium, biomass, biofuels, renewables investment, wind, solar, hydro and small hydro, PHVAC, Sept 2012. Repackaged for Seneca College.

“Biomass: History’s energy workhorse,” Biomass district energy in Enderby BC, replacing potato farming jobs in Prince Edward Island, PHVAC Jan 2015.

rooftop & utiltiy solar charts

“Solar heating industry sees staggering growth,” Solar thermal and SolarWall solar air systems, Manitoba, Dartmouth, Toronto, Waterloo, Halifax, London, Guelph, Lumsden, PHVAC July 2010.

“Pain at the Pumps,” Oil and gas economics and alternative vehicles, Moncton, Calgary, New York, Vancouver, Sydney, California, PHVAC April 2008.

“Miscanthus: Canada’s Energy Crop of the Future,” Leamington, Corporate Knights, Spring 2014.

“Grey water re-use growing,” Wahaso and Brac systems, USA and Canada, Vaughan, Barrie, London, Kanata, Gormley, PHVAC May 2012.

geo solid ground

“On solid ground – Geothermal heating, cooling becoming more mainstream,” Worldwide and USA market growth and influences, very sophisticated controls for Waterfurnace system in Chatham, smaller more efficient Earthlinked DX systems in Detroit and Austin, PHVAC May 2016.

“Today’s biomass,” New pellet heating technology, New England, Japan, Korea, China, UK, Waterloo, Quesnel BC, Quebec City, Sunderland, Marmora, Mount Pearl Newfoundland, PHVAC Jan 2012.

electric vehicles

ELECTRIC TRUCKS & VAN FLEETS: “6 facts about electric vehicles” Dec 2017, print p130, web.


“Cargo vans of the future,” EPA rules, fleets, Tesla, electric vehicle outlook, propane and natural gas conversions in Salt Lake City, XL Hybrids in Boston and Springboro Ohio, Via Motors in Orem Utah, Unicell pure electric delivery vans in Toronto, PHVAC July 2015.

“Pain at the pumps,” Gas prices, oil and alternative energy economics, alternative vehicles, propane, natural gas, electric, Moncton, Calgary, New York, Vancouver, Sydney, California, PHVAC April 2008.

“The fuel price nightmare,” Tesla, California, China, Enbridge Toronto, Rubin on economics, hybrid vans, Ford Transit van, electrics in Boulder, Colorado, smart cars for Roto Rooter, PHVAC July 2011.