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THE NEW ENERGY AGE  Step-by-step how to beat climate change by BF Nagy

Now you can simplify your priorities in the climate change effort, Top 10 promo pic smallaccording to your occupation or walk of life. My new book provides TOP 10 LISTS of key action items for homeowners, business people, investors, government people and so on. Based on hundreds of expert interviews and years of research, it clarifies how we can help the planet, save money and benefit from new energy opportunities.

The TOP 10 LISTS are designed to reflect priorities dictated by actual energy use patterns as reported by the Inernational Energy Agency, making this a pragmatic and rational plan. There are two versions of each list, a long text version with plenty of helpful information, and a one-page summary.

Everything is properly verified, with links and Two versions of each listreferences included. Additional chapters provide detailed case examples in the areas of buildings, electricity, transportation, investment, business, politics, economics and government. In general it provides you with a realistic snapshot of international energy economics, proven and promising clean tech, and effective government programs.

There are also two versions of the book. The full version contains Two versions
the added chapters described, while the condensed
version focusses primarily on the TOP 10 LISTS themselves.

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Here’s what people are saying about THE NEW ENERGY AGE:

“Bruce Nagy’s practical guide to averting the worst of the climate crisis is a must read. His how-to list of solutions that benefit our economy and environment will inspire the change we desperately want and need.” Michael Schreiner, Leader, Green Party of Ontario

“Climate change is one problem with many causes and numerous solutions. Bruce Nagy has written the book I’ve wanted to write for 20 years. It will fill you with confidence that climate change can be overcome.” John Bennett, Friends of the Earth Canada, Sierra Club, GreenPeace.

“What makes The New Energy Age really unique is its readable focus on how a range of decision-makers, from individuals to business managers and government officials, can take practical steps to move smoothly toward a safer, green energy future. Highly Recommended.” Steven A. Leibo Ph.D., Harvard University and the Sage Colleges.

“Nice job on the book!…A good motivator and guide for the person interested in climate change initiatives who doesn’t know where to begin!” Joanne Kravetz, Architecture Professor UCLA, Masters, Urban Sustainability, Leadership Corps, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, LEED Architect.

“A clear-eyed view of the stuff that really needs to happen, with lots of ideas of just what might be possible to do. I don’t think there was really anything I didn’t agree with. The writing is also good…very comprehensive, and the commentaries and summaries are done well…helpful and valuable.” Michael Berrill, Author & Professor Emeritus of Biology at Trent University.

“A practical guide to tackle climate change, The New Energy Age is timely, comprehensive, and should be read by anyone who cares about saving our planet for future generations.” Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Member of Parliament & Canada’s Representative at the UN for sustainable development goal 14.

“After more than 20 years in the environment and energy management field, I have come across a number of good books written by experts for experts. The New Energy Age is a practical, how-to guide for the average person who understands we have a problem and wants to do their part to mitigate climate change. The Top 10 Lists are great!”   Scott McKenzie, Project Manager, Environment & Energy Division, City of Toronto