Because we’re out of time and because climate change can seem complex, we should probably simplify and focus on the highest priority solutions. This is more or less the the guiding principle of my book. More info here.


In 2018 everyone seems to be a bit confused and scattered. We have to stop being intelligent and original and splitting hairs and doing the math on what’s possible and what isn’t possible. We need to simply act, and act quickly.

Save money & planet home pg may 7

We need to keep our message simple and focus on three key priorities, because then we can solve most of the C02 problem using well-proven, non-controversial solutions. Everything else might be important, but it’s less important, if we consider IEA global energy usage data.

  1. Your home/building
  2. Your ride
  3. Your vote

Not only will these three priorities address about 70% of the most compelling imperative (C02 and methane in the air), but they also happen to be highly visible, symbolic, inspiring activities. That’s important because, as we know, solving climate change is as much a political/public will challenge as it is a big disruptive technical change. Please spread this message to everyone because if we push the tipping point on these 3 priorities we can probably survive.

04.1 Energy UsageSpecifically:

1. Build zero or positive energy buildings. Retrofit your home or business building with very tight envelopes, and get rid of the gas.

2. Buy a fully electric vehicle. Share rides. Use transit.

3. Vote for people who punish polluters, reward and finance clean energy retrofits and drivers, build transit, eliminate coal and gas subsidies, advance zero energy building codes, eliminate vehicle emissions, build wind and solar for power, not gas and coal plants.

Social scientists say now, at the solutions stage, we need to keep it simple, talk about actions, build momentum. We can do this. If you are going to share anything from this site, please share this page. Thank you.



As mentioned, keeping our message simple is important, but for those who need a more fully fleshed out explanation of my rationale for recommending we focus first on the three areas above, take a look at the chart below.

Priorities for environmentalists.png