USA solar & wind cost less than coal, gas & nuclear

This chart from Lazard makes the economic argument for clean energy really clear. Lazard is a good research source that has been studying levelized energy costing for many years. So it’s unfake news. It’s consistent with the numbers in all the Power Purchase Agreements that have been signed all over the USA since about 2015.

When something is less expensive and also a better technology like a digital camera, it becomes a no-brainer. Everyone on every side of the partisan divide should now be able to agree that we can both save money and clean up our world using renewable power generation.

It’s time to recognize simple technological progress, like realizing that electric light is safer than gaslight or mobile phones are easier and more capable than landlines.


People who turn their backs on progress and continue trying to deny reality are part of a quickly shrinking, already small group. They will increasingly be shunned by voters, sued by the rest of us, crushed by the world’s biggest corporations and investment blocks, laughed out of banks, will miss out on huge business opportunities, and be punished by insurers and governments. Also they will be ridiculed by the writers of history and disowned by anyone under 30.

The alternatives are much better. Let’s vote for leaders who are ready to cut the apron strings on fossil fuels. Welcome to the clean energy age.


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