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Sharpening our storytelling skills

You can always learn new things and get better. I’ve been a professional writer for a long time and thought I was pretty good at storytelling, but I recently began reading a book released a couple of years ago called The Storyteller’s Secret by Carmine Gallo. Gallo has some impressive credentials, as a storytelling coach to some people who you

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Ontario has a new Minister

I sometimes meet people who are not interested in politics and have few opinions in that area, but more often I meet people who have political opinions. I certainly fall into the latter category, but I truly believe that climate change solutions and priorities should not be a partisan discussion. Because of the way the issue has evolved in the

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Climate Reality Project

I’m always amazed by the amount of talent in the room when I meet with my friends in the Climate Reality group, in this case, in Toronto (organized by Matthew Chapman). We had some fun, talked about projects, played billiards and ate some awesome food at The Rivoli, a long-time favourite place on Queen West. We all deliver the famous

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