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Canada: Achieving a Sustainable Future

Canada’s  Federal government has released a report entitled Achieving a Sustainable Future, a wide-ranging plan for building the nation’s economy while decarbonizing the country. It provides a high level of detail on numerous initiatives and programs. It includes inputs from Provinces, groups and individual Canadians, and also integrates other related national plans and international collaborations. Its structure includes measurable goals,

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Carbon tax fairness in Canada

1. Polluters should pay. It’s not fair that some individuals and organizations pollute our world more than others. They may intend to change their ways but the government uses a carbon price to discourage procrastination.   2. On the other hand it may not be fair for the government to apply a big carbon price ‘overnight.’ Instead it is phased in gradually over time, allowing

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Five ways businesses benefit from clean energy

It’s time to advance your business or career by recognizing what is misinformation and what is reality. 1. Operating cost: Save on lighting, cooling, heating, equipment operation, motors, and fleet operation. Lighting upgrades pay for themselves in one year. HVAC and process upgrades pay out in three years. Each electric fleet vehicle going 200,000 miles saves about $100,000. Just modernize existing

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