Media colleagues, we’re being played


We live in an era of professional front-page hounds, and Trump is not the only one. We need to understand this creature and conduct ourselves accordingly. We’re being played.

Front-page hound: Someone who can advance personal goals just by increasing their name recognition. Politicans, actors, singers and religious figures fall into this category. If their success is confusing for you, you might be a substantive.

Substantive: Someone who believes in something and has more than a cursory level of education on the issue they believe in.

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1. It doesn’t matter why front-page hounds are ‘on the front page,’ negative or positive, as long as they are on the front page regularly (or all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, television etc.)

2. If they are on the front page their competitors are not. If the conversation is about the hound’s opinion or action, it’s not about their competitor’s opinion or action.

3. If the hound’s coverage is too negative, the best antidote is to ramp it up, preventing any resolution of the last controversy before the next controversy arises. Distraction. Constant coverage. No real conclusion. No problem.

4. In the information age/splintered media/social media world, front-page news can seem like the only news, as it gets replicated and aggregated millions of times. If it bleeds it leads. If it shocks it rocks.

5. Front-page hounds may ‘believe’ something or ‘believe in’ something, but not deeply. Their expertise is not in any one thing. Their expertise is in hooking and playing the mainstream and social media. Their expertise is clickbait, controversy and show biz.

6. Substantives care about issues, want to be accurate, evidence-based, sensible in their positions, consistent and respected. They trade away coverage in exchange for credibility.

7. Front-page hounds don’t care about issues, except to use issues to acquire coverage. They care about coverage. They don’t care about accuracy or evidence or consistency. Being inaccurate and inconsistent is actually a plus because it ramps up the controversy level, and thus ramps up the coverage. The only respect they care about are the metrics that come with coverage.

Media colleagues, we’re being played. Not so long ago we gave more coverage to the shooters than the victims, however in the past few years we have corrected this. We thought about it.

Just today a national newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, ran an item warning the public about some unregistered cryptocurrencies. But then they ran a big logo of one of the questionable companies, providing excellent national publicity for this company. Did they think about it?

It’s time to ignore or play down the hounds and promote the substantives. We’re professionals. We can find ways to make the substantives more exciting.



To me Mr. Trump is odious for many reasons but I’m qualified to criticize primarily his terrible environment protection policies, and those of his appointees. These memes poke fun at Trump nation in general and can be shared anywhere.

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Doug Ford should not be premier of Ontario

Ford has promised developers that he will open up the GTA greenbelt, to let them clearcut the trees and build on forest and agricultural land. Without offerong details he said anything lost would be gained elsewhere, but can we really believe that. I thnk we all know how these things go. https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2018/04/30/doug-ford-assured-developers-he-plans-to-open-up-greenbelt-to-housing-development.html





Doug and mike

Doug Ford would wipe out 65,000 modern high tech jobs 


Doug Ford of the Ontario PCs is NOT a smart economic manager –He says he would end the Ontario/Quebec/California polluter-pays cap and trade program and anything else related to 65,000 modern high tech jobs in the $8 billion clean tech industry (3,000+ companies) in Ontario. One quarter of the province’s clean tech jobs are held by Ontarians aged 30 or younger. Jobs in the sector grow at about 7% per year compared with widespread job decline in oil and gas all over the world.

Cap and trade is based on the principal that the polluter pays for the cleanup. This allows the economy to move gradually into clean energy, without placing the burden on taxpayers who contribute less than these big industries to the climate change problem. It creates a progressive, modern economy and healthy planet where our children don’t get sick just from breathing the air and drinking the water.

The 65,000 people in Ontario who work in clean energy jobs, compares to about 1500 who work in oil & gas. Clean tech adds to our job skills, expertise and builds our worldwide brand in a new industry that is projected to double in size in the next decade or two. You think the rust belt in the US has problems, if we opt out of the fastest growing industries just so that the Tories Trump-voter-like core can feel better about its inability to change with the times, we are supporting horrible economic managers; not smart ones.

When Al Gore was in Toronto recently he said that when he travels and make speeches around the world, he points to Ontario as a place that has got the modern economy figured out and is doing it right.

73% Want Wind & Solar


According to Gallup, in the last three years more and more American voters have stated that they prefer the healthier world offered by wind and solar power.“Asked to choose

Photo BF Nagy, bfnagy.com/clean-energy-success-blog, bfnagy.com,

Lawmakers in Washington and state capitals would be unwise to ignore this growing attitude shift, particularly given that the clean energy economy is now doing far more to add to GDP and jobs than gas and coal are doing.

Ford will not be good for women

If you’re a woman (or anyone), I can’t imagine why you would think it will be good for you to vote for Doug Ford.

He thinks Trump is doing a good job and believes in many of the same policies.

He appointed Andrew Lawton, who describes concern about men earning more than women for the same work as: “The pussification of the West” Lawton was a host on a far far right wing channel called Rebel Media.

In an interview with the anti-abortion group RightNow, Ford stated: “I am personally pro-life” (anti-abortion).

He now owes favours to 9,000 Campaign for Life (anti-abortion) members who joined the party recently and voted for him as leader.

He recently encouraged MPPs to bring forward legislation requiring women under 16 to have written parental permission before talking to a doctor about reproductive rights (constitutionally illegal).

He said he is against Bill 163, which protects women, nurses and doctors from being harassed outside abortion clinics and their homes.

His plan is to indiscriminately cut 4% from every government department, including health care and other social services that protect vulnerable people, single parent families, students and seniors.

He said he cares about autistic people but, “Nobody told me they were going to leave the house.” He didn’t want them in his neighbourhood.

He calls climate change nonsense and does not care about the health effects of pollution on the people of Ontario. He will eliminate the polluter-pays-based cap and trade program, meaning big polluters and small polluters will all pay equally for pollution under Doug Ford.

Doug Ford

I’m unhappy with Mr. Ford who is ahead in the polls and might become the next Premier in Ontario and who has no clue about regional or national economics, saying he would wipe out the polluter-pays cap and trade program partnership with California and Quebec. It sounds like he would also do everything he can to damage 3,000 clean energy companies and 65,000 clean energy jobs in Ontario. Only 1500 people in the province work in oil and gas. This just makes no sense at all.

He was born wealthy (although he pretends he’s one of the ‘folks’ like Trump), and most of his education was related to the family printing business and the family pastime of football. His brother was the crack smoking late Mayor Rob Ford, and Doug has coasted on Rob’s ‘achievements.’ He calls himself a businessman but I worked with him, and he’s not what I would call brilliant in that area either.

Sadly, the existing Liberal government has been in power so long that people are restless for a change. It didn’t help that the government bungled the energy file both politically and in reality. They privatized part of the provincial hydro company just before rates shot up. People think the two were related but really decades of bad decisions around nuclear were a big contributor (45%), and old infrastructure that needed upgrading (49%) like in every jurisdiction added to the financial mess. Then of course, the trolls started blaming clean energy (6%).

Kathleen Wynne, whose actual policies in non-energy areas are quite good, is in big political trouble. And like so many politicians she gambled on staying put, when maybe a new leader could have refreshed things. It’s unfortunate, because this Doug Ford person is a populist like Trump and is just going to slash everything like a previous premier named Mike Harris, who made a real mess.