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BF NAGY is available for public appearances






BF Nagy is available as a broadcast guest, specializing in climate solutions in the areas of:

• Climate solutions technology – power generation, micro-grids, batteries, electrified transportation, clean energy & water in buildings

• Climate solutions government programs & policy

• Energy economics

Bruce (BF) Nagy speaks to individuals, homeowners, families, businesspeople, architects, engineers, planners and government managers. Audiences include government policy planners, architects, engineers, developers, and corporate managers.

He tells stories about successful case studies, best practices in clean energy technologies & government programs. He provides top 5 or top 10 lists of climate action priorities and also discusses all of the costs, savings, ROI, and other practical considerations when adopting clean energy and clean water technology.

He is the host of several series of webinars, including 15 climate solutions webinars in 2020-21 for municipal policy planners.


Bruce (BF) Nagy is a writer and speaker, the author of The Clean Energy Age (Rowman & Littlefield) and more than 200 feature articles and magazine columns on clean energy technology, government programs and energy economics. In the past 15+ years he has interviewed hundreds of experts on clean energy solutions, and advises and writes for government leaders, international and technical journals, research firms, corporations, NGOs, and professional organizations.

The Clean Energy Age has been endorsed by Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change, and many others. Please see below.

“This book has top 10 lists for individuals, for organizations, for cities, for businesses…how to save money…we’re all in this together.”

– The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment & Climate Change



“ I can’t thank you enough for coming last night. I got so much out of your clear and informed presentation and I know I’m definitely not the only one. You are a really great explainer and your hope is contagious. I think it’s safe to say everyone left feeling really positive. I just really can’t say enough how much I appreciate your time.” -Jen Ball, Professor of Sociology, Humber College

“Thanks so much again for taking the time to present to the municipalities on Friday. I think it went really well. People are starting to come around that net zero emissions is doable at competitive costs, which is fantastic, as I know a lot of municipalities are updating their corporate green development standards and we want to move them towards net zero emissions as the new goal. Thank you for you support on this and for being so generous with your time and knowledge.  Speak to you soon.” -Gaby (Gabriella) Kalapos, Executive Director, Clean Air Partnership

“All kinds of useful information from the wonderful Bruce Nagy.”  -Mary Jane Popp, The Poppoff Show, KAHI-AM Sacramento, California

“Nagy offers his advice for homeowners who want to clean up their carbon footprint. He also shares his observations on the environmental progress being made…across many sectors of the economy. You’ll come away…with many actions to take.”  – Mitch Ratcliffe, Earth 911, Seattle

“How wonderful, what you’ve done. Thanks so much.”  -Frankie Boyer, The Frankie Boyer Show,, Arkansas/Massachusetts

“Wonderful information, important information that we all need to know…sounded the alarm for me.”  Larry Rifkin, America Trends

“This not about shaming or scolding people. You really give a great interview. I’d like to have you back”  – Geoffrey Riley, The Jefferson Exchange KSOR Radio California & Oregon

“Thanks again for participating in our meeting this past Saturday. I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding your presentation. People found it very interesting.  Maybe in the future we can organize another technical presentation for our group (Engineers).” – Nadine Rush, C.E.T., OACETT

“Thank you for presenting the Sustainability on Set and at Home seminar to IATSE 667. and creating an environment for a productive and successful meeting…Your presentation provided a great opportunity for members to acquire valuable knowledge and have constructive discussions around making our worlds greener. We hope you can join us again at another time in the future.” -Beth Nobes, Training and Membership Coordinator, International Cinematographers Guild, I.A.T.S.E. Local 667

“Thanks for doing an excellent job addressing the Mayor’s Task Force at Lakehead University. I am beginning discussions later this week on the follow-on meetings that you and I spoke about.” -Stan Mathewson, Director, Sustainable Orillia

“Thank you for the marvellous webinar. Just watched it and am so inspired by both the content and the delivery. I will use some of your information in a talk I am giving tonight: will make it so much more hopeful in the face of everything.” -Gaye Taylor, Climate Reality, Ottawa