We must sue them

  1. Money is the language they understand. It rules their priorities. Eco-criminals have proven time and again that they have no respect for the other people, animals, natural assets or real property belonging to anyone other than themselves. Completely unconscious on these topics.
  2. They’re closest advisors will not even put it on the agenda until it costs money or potentially costs money.
  3. Eco-criminals generally cannot operate without the support of the banking, insurance and investment communities. All of these will take notice if tangible legal risks are not properly addressed. The larger the awards, the better. The sooner the precedents, the better.
  4. Plaintiffs usually deserve and need the awards. Some use the money to advance sustainability.
  5. We have tried many other strategies such as engaging in sensible debate, phasing in changes, subsidizing changes. We have been rewarded with lies, delays, all manner of brutal attacks on anyone talking honestly about the climate crisis. We tried to be reasonable. We tried to play fair. After 50 years it’s time to try something that works.
  6. Eco-criminals tend to be macho people who only respect people who are tough. It’s time to demand respect as fellow citizens of the world.
  7. If we plundered or damaged their property they wouldn’t hesitate to sue us. They are plundering our earth, our shared home. Let’s stop hesitating.

Let’s sue the bastards.

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