Rather than losing freedom, anti-vaxxers should maybe worry about this

If you are an anti-masker, antivaxxer or similar, you should know that when you get sick and end up in hospital, you just might not get the level of care you’re expecting, and you might die. The people who are dying in hospital these days are mostly unvaccinated Covid-19 patients.

After months of battling Covid-19, a wickedly cruel disease, medical professionals are feeling exhausted, depressed, stressed and angry.

And whether they would dare to admit it out loud, or in a public way like this post, and whether anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, their loved-ones or everyone else likes it or not, medical people may not be capable of providing the best possible medical services at this point. They are human, and they might just be reacting to their exhaustion, depression, stress and anger with some reduced degree of dedication to saving people.

I’m not saying I would condone or encourage this, but I certainly understand it.

They are justifiably depressed about the way politicians and other loudmouths in our society have suddenly decided that despite the fact they have not been trained in medicine, they suddenly know more about medical science than those who have.

They are justifiably angry at the idiots who think that although millions of people’s lives have been saved in the past 100+ years by vaccines, suddenly they don’t work anymore.

They are justifiably stressed that idiotic big talkers are increasing the chances that doctors and nurses could die because their job requires them to try to save the lives of people who could have simply gotten the vaccine. Many are leaving the profession.

They are justifiably angry at the snakes who knowingly spread lies about medical realities relating to vaccines, how to survive this disease, mask wearing and avoiding contact with unvaccinated people.

They are justifiably depressed that an already stressed medical system has to be overwhelmed, reducing access to needed treatment of all illnesses for all citizens.

And they agree with many of the rest of us that idiots shouting about freedom don’t consider that they are destroying our freedom to keep from dying.

Medical professionals would never purposely withhold the best possible care, but they are human and may not be at the top of their game these days. They may be distracted by exhaustion, depression, stress , loudmouth noise and anger.

So to antivaxxers: Good luck, I hope you don’t get Covid-19 from someone at your next rally and die, because stressed hospitals and medical professionals are overwhelmed and distracted and trying to save so many other dying anti-vaxxers.

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