post-trump priorities

Needless to say Trump is finished. Most of us should stop wasting our precious time talking about what to do with him. Let his political enemies in both major parties and several Attorneys General clean up those details. We must turn our attention to items that are perhaps less media sensational, but far more important for all of us. Let’s quickly clarify our priorities for a better future.

Our physical and mental health

Job 1 is for everyone, not just the government, but everyone, to tackle this pandemic. Get the vaccine, support the vaccine, stop spreading the disease. Stop spreading all the clever intellectual discussion that invites the ridiculous misinformation. Keep it simple and unify. We must tackle the pandemic together and fast. Get the numbers down. Make the numbers your news page or religion or passion or outrage. Refusing the vaccine must come with rules. Rules that protect the rest of us.

Our planet’s health

The argument is over. It’s time for ramping up climate solutions. All of the key business, science and engineering experts agree that climate is a crisis and an opportunity. Let’s focus on ramping up solutions. Yes, listen to the scientists, but now, more than that, listen to engineers, architects and economists. Priority must be placed on climate solutions that can make the most impact, the fastest: electrified transportation and buildings, renewable energy and storage. The experts say that these work technically. They say they are economically viable. They say they will have the most impact. Michael Mann, the IPCC, Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg. These are serious people trying to save you, your family and your business. And mine. It’s time to cut the nonsense and act. If you don’t you will be punished. That’s not a threat or rhetorical statement. It’s a simple fact. People who know what’s happening in the world know this.

Our economic health

The economy matters, but the pandemic and climate change matter more. Can we finally agree on that? It’s important that we do because I still hear stupid remarks every day that do not reflect this quite obvious order of priorities. Another thing that should be obvious to anyone who sees themselves as intelligent is that income inequity in the economy is not just unfair, but indicative of a dimwitted elite class. Perverse greed will screw the elite in the end. I think we can all see that coming. It’s time for everyone to be smarter.

Priorities in summary:

  1. Pandemic
  2. Climate crisis
  3. Economy and economic fairness.

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