Wind power makes clean energy non-partisan

With more than one-quarter of wind turbines, Texas is the leading US state (followed by Ohio) for wind power; and is not really much of a Democrat voting stronghold. There are about 50,000 wind turbines in 40 states in the USA today, each costing $2-3 million, representing a total investment of about $128 billion and 88,000 jobs. Of total new electricity capacity added in 2015 in the USA, 41% was wind.

Photo BF Nagy,,,ERCOT, the primary grid operator in Texas, has used wind to meet as much as 44.7 percent of its electricity demand. On the main Colorado grid, wind has provided 66.4 percent of electricity demand. With storage and smarter grids, renewables are now no more ‘intermittant’ than any form of electricity generation.

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