73% want wind & solar

According to Gallup, in the last three years more and more American voters have stated that they prefer the healthier world offered by wind and solar power. “Asked to choose between an emphasis on developing alternative energy sources and increased production of fossil fuels, Americans solidly favor the former approach,” said the polling company. “Specifically, 73% of adults prefer an approach that focuses on developing alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, while 21% favor one that targets production of more oil, gas and coal supplies.” This applies to Republicans as well as Democrats. Although the Republican number is smaller at 51%, it has been steadily growing.

Lawmakers in Washington and state capitals would be unwise to ignore this growing attitude shift, particularly given that the clean energy economy is now doing far more to add to GDP and jobs than gas and coal are doing.

Photo BF Nagy, bfnagy.com/clean-energy-success-blog, bfnagy.com,



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