We need more split personalities

We need more smart people building or retrofitting homes and business structures using mini-splits and multi-splits. These are names used for air source heat pumps, which save about 60% on energy if you replace old electric baseboard heaters. They save about 30% if you replace an old gas furnace, and that new gas furnace will be outlawed in about 10 years. A lot of contractors don’t know much about them and will recommend gas because that’s what they know how to install.

32 Minisplit composite low resDo your homework and find someone who is knowledgeable. The trick question is, do mini-splits work in cold weather? The fakers will say no. The progressive installers will know about the new models that work great in cold weather. In most areas you can get a grant for a heat pump from a local government or utility. Modern net-zero and passive houses usually use mini-splits for heating and cooling.

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