Get off the crack

Seal your cracks and buy new windows – Experts say that many of our buildings are so leaky they might as well have a hole in the wall as big as a beach ball, or bigger!

46 Seal your cracksThe first steps toward saving money on energy and reducing your GHG footprint are to properly insulate and seal your building envelope, and buy better windows. You might think insulation and crack sealing is a minor thing, but you will be amazed how much your heating and cooling bills go down afterwards. These activities offer the fastest payback of all clean home technologies.

46 Beachball low resBuilding experts say you don’t really need a big furnace, even way up north, or a big-ass air conditioning system even way down south. We can rocket to the moon. Can we make a building tight enough to use just a bit of clean energy for heating and cooling? Most people now know the answer is yes. They’re called net zero, net-positive, ultra-insulated or passive house buildings. They will be legally required for new construction in most parts of the world within a decade or two. New construction is easier for governments to regulate, but tightening up our existing buildings is more important, because there are at least 10 times as many of them. Seal your cracks!

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