Geothermal replaces oil in upper state New York

“In the northeast geothermal has become an easy sell when compared with oil. Once we put the return on investment on paper, people get it immediately. With new construction of a big house, if you’re not installing geo, you haven’t done your homework,” says Chris Ryan, President of Geothermal Energy Options in Lagrangeville, New York.

Photo BF Nagy,,,“A big house can use $1000 in oil per month in the winter. The 30% tax credit means it pays back in a few years. With oil you still need ductwork. The burner costs less, but you need a tank and you have to fill it with fuel. Says John Tesh, Director of Engineering: “Using copper tubing in the boreholes means you drill smaller holes. With geothermal you save money and reduce carbon emissions.” Geothermal also increases comfort and makes indoor air healthier to breathe.

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